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  • Delphi is awarded the Justitia Prize 2017 for their commitment to equality


    Yesterday Delphi was awarded the very first Justitia Prize, receiving praise for their work on equality issues. The Justitia Prize is given to the commercial law firm that is doing the best work on equality.

    The jury gave the following reasons for the award:
    This year’s winner shows that equality work can permeate daily and commercial work at a law firm. Through the firms work on structure, culture and balance, this year’s winner has impressed the jury. The jury was impressed by the firm’s ambitious work on structure, culture and balance. This year’s Justitia Prize is awarded to Delphi.

    “We are delighted and proud to have been awarded the Justitia Prize. We have shifted up a gear in our work to create a better and more equal workplace, and we see this prize as proof that we are on the right track. At the same time, both we and our sector still face many challenges in the area of equality, so we are not going to rest on our laurels. Rather this will spur us on in our further work,” says David Aversten, Managing Partner at Delphi. 

    In total, 15 commercial law firms participated, first answering a questionnaire about their work on equality, structure and culture. The law firms were then anonymised before a carefully selected jury of renowned and prestigious lawyers and others within the sector voted and then appointed a winner.

    Read more about the Justitia Prize here:

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  • Delphi advisor to the owners of Zetup AB in connection with a transaction within the IT-sector


    Delphi has advised the sellers of Zetup AB in connection with the divestment of the company’s shares to FSN Capital V.

    Zetup AB is a Swedish IT-company with the aim to render their customers IT-solutions more effective. Zetup AB has a revenue of approximately SEK 130 million, and has approximately 100 employees. In connection with the acquisition of Zetup AB, FSN Capital has also entered into contracts to acquire Office IT-Partner and Dicom, with the aim to form a consolidated group and become a leader on the Nordic market within IT-infrastructure, cloud based services and digitalization.

    The transaction is subject to customary terms and conditions and is expected to be completed at the end of June.

    Delphi’s team mainly consisted of Fredrik Mörner as responsible partner, Andréas Joersjö and Therese Virgin.

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  • Delphi represents Adelis in the acquisition of Hantverksdata


    Hantverksdata is a leading provider of administrative software developed for craftsmen in the Nordic region. 

    The company is leading within the electricity, HVAC, painting and glass segments with its modular system, but also active within other service and contracting segments such as alarms, flooring, plating, refrigeration, elevators and construction. Hantverksdata has approx. 4,000 corporate customers and 35,000 users.

    Adelis is an active partner in creating value in medium sized Nordic companies. Adelis was founded with the goal of building the leading middle market private equity firm in the Nordics. Since raising its first fund in 2013, Adelis has been one of the most active investors in the Nordic middle-market, with 15 platform investments and more than 40 add-on acquisitions. Adelis manages approx. €1 billion in capital.

    The Delphi team includes Michael Juhlin, Rickard Isacson, Johan Hübner, Berndt Pettersson, Glenn Nyström, Jonas Ingvarson, Linus Larsén, Magnus Berterud, Emmy Falk, Christoffer Malmström and Sophie Leifland.

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  • Delphi represents Doro in the acquisition of Welbeing


    To expand its telecare business and strengthen the platform and service revenue, Doro AB (publ) acquires Welbeing, based in Eastbourne, UK. 

    Doro will initially pay approximately 130 MSEK, equal to eight times estimated EBITDA for the financial year 2017/2018. 85% of the initial purchase price will be paid in cash and 15% in newly issued shares in Doro. In addition, the sellers are entitled to receive an additional consideration if Welbeing’s EBITDA for the financial year 2017/2018, which ends on 30 September 2018, exceeds estimated EBITDA. The final acquisition amount will be calculated and published after the end of Q3-2018.

    Welbeing is one of the leading telecare companies in the UK. The company services around 75 000 connections from various locations of which 21 000 are private customers. Organic growth has been significant, thanks to strong management and a track record of winning tenders and commercial bids. The number of employees is approximately 180. Revenue for the financial year ended September, 2017 was 7,6 MGBP (approx. 90 MSEK) of which the main part is from services.

    The Delphi team includes Michael Juhlin and Rickard Isacson.

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  • Delphi advisor to Ardena in the acquisition of Syntagon Invest AB


    Delphi has advised the Ardena group (Ardena) in the acquisition of Syntagon Invest AB and its subsidiaries Syntagon AB and Syntagon Baltic (jointly referred to as Syntagon).

    Syntagon was established in 1999 and has sites in Sweden and Latvia with approximately 30 employees. Syntagon offers a comprehensive development package for Life Science ingredients and GMP manufacturing from early development to commercial manufacturing.

    Ardena is a portfolio company of Mentha Capital and was formed in 2017, following the merging of three companies with complementary capabilities: Pharmavize in Belgium, Crystallics and Analytical Biochemical Laboratory (ABL) in the Netherlands. After the acquisitions of Syntagon and ChemConnection in 2018, Ardena now employs more than 225 scientists.

    Delphi’s team mainly consisted of Fredrik Mörner (responsible partner) and Linn Strömberg.

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  • Delphi has advised Momentum Group on its acquisition of Brammer’s MRO-business in Sweden


    Delphi has acted as legal adviser to the Momentum Group on its acquisition of Brammer's MRO business in Sweden with eight local sales and service units. The acquired operations deliver high-quality industrial components and other MRO products (for maintenance, repairs and operations), as well as services to industrial companies from eight local units in Sundsvall, Gävle, Stockholm, Örebro, Karlshamn, Växjö, Trollhättan and Gothenburg. The units have an annual revenue of approx. 140 MSEK per year.

    The Momentum Group is one of the leading resellers of industrial consumables and components and a provider of aftersales and maintenance services to professional end users in the industrial and construction sectors in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Group has approximately 1,600 employees and annual revenue of SEK 5.5 billion. The Momentum Group AB (publ) has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since June 2017.

    Delphi’s team consisted mainly of lead partner Mats Dahlberg, assisted by Linn Strömberg, Matilda Karlsson, Emmy Falck, Amanda Wiggh and Frida Solding.

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  • Agnes Hammarstrand at Delphi appointed Lawyer of the year 2018 by colleagues


    A prestigious award in the commercial law market is awarded to Agnes Hammarstrand at Advokatfirman Delphi. According to a result published by Legally yours, lawyers throughout Sweden have voted Agnes Hammarstrand as the lawyer they would rather employ in a business jurisprudence. This is the first time a woman is ranked highest. It is also the youngest lawyer awarded so far.

    Agnes Hammarstrand is a partner at Delphi's office in Gothenburg and leads a business group specialized in IT, e-commerce, digitization, data protection, consumer law and market law. Agnes is today known as one of the country's foremost lawyers in IT and digital issues. She has previously received the award "Client Choice Award", where corporate and corporate lawyers nominate the best lawyers.

    Agnes Hammarstrand expresses her gratitude and appreciation of the award and send a special thanks to all who gave her their vote:

    "The award means a lot to me personally, and is important to everyone at Delphi. We are working hard to develop Delphi and take the law firm into the future. This means, among other things, specialist competence in IT and digitalization and a modern approach in the counseling, something I particularly like. I think that one of the reasons that so many people voted for me are my and Delphi's commitment to equality - not least as it creates opportunities for retaining the best colleagues for the benefit of our clients. A first step towards change is awareness of the problems and the hidden structures and unconscious prejudices that exist. We at Delphi are working on this continuously. "

    David Aversten, Executive Partner of Delphi, is pleased that the award went to Agnes Hammarstrand:

    "I'm not surprised. Agnes Hammarstrand is very good and we are very happy for her sake. Agnes is driven, customer oriented and dedicated in her assignments. She is an appreciated colleague, which is confirmed by this award. Of course, we are particularly proud that Agnes was appointed the first woman in the attorney's lawyer. We congratulate Agnes on Delphi's behalf, "says David Aversten.

    Read more of the ranking on Legally yours web page (article in Swedish):

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  • Delphi has advised Plejd AB (Publ) with the acquisition of Pluspole AB and the directed share issue to Schneider Electris Industries SAS


    Plejd is an innovative Swedish tech company that develops products and services for smart lighting system and home automation.

    Delphi has assisted Plejd with the acquisition of Pluspole AB. Historically, Pluspole AB has been an external consultancy firm that together with Plejd has developed Plejds hardware. By Plejds acquisition of Pluspole, Plejd gain own development resources and a very competent and experienced hard ware department with high-end competence within the field of Plejds business.

    The acquisition has been made as a new share issue against set-off of claim. In connection thereto a directed share issue has been made to Schneider Electric Industries SAS whereby Schneider Electric invests 64,6 MSEK in Plejd. Schneider Electric is a globally leading operator within energy management and automation with an annual turnover of approximately 25 billion euro and roughly 144 000 employees worldwide.

    The Delphi team mainly consisted of Emil Andersson (Partner), Daniel Jessen Winbo (Senior Associate) and Andreas Joersjö (Senior Associate).

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  • Delphi advisor in connection with rights issue and listing of Fluicell AB (Publ) on Nasdaq First North


    Delphi has acted as legal advisor to Fluicell AB (publ) in connection to a rights issue of 32,7 MSEK and listing on Nasdaq First North. The first day of trade is April 18.

    Fluicell is based in Gothenburg Sweden and the company has commercialized a product portfolio to study single cells, primarily in the field of drug development. Fluicell’s existing products are the research tools Biopen® and Dynaflow® Resolve, which today allow researchers to investigate the effects of drugs on individual cells at a unique level of detail. As a further development of Fluicell's existing product portfolio, the company is developing a unique high-resolution bioprinting technology in both 2D and 3D under the name Biopixlar™ Retina. With this system, complex tissue-like structures can be created where positioning of individual cells can be controlled. More information about the company is found on

    The Delphi team mainly consisted of Andreas Wirén (Partner), Daniel Jessen Winbo (Senior Associate) and Anders Hulegårdh (Partner).

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  • Delphi has advised BRA


    Veidekke has entered into an agreement to purchase 90.1% of the shares in Billström Riemer Andersson AB (BRA).

    Since the beginning of 2007, BRA has had a strong development. Today, the company has a yearly turnover of about SEK 1.4 billions and employs approximately 200 employees, of which half are tradesmen. BRA works primarily with construction, but has also expertise in property development. The focus is on early-stage commercial projects with many large recurring customers. By acquiring 90.1% of the shares in BRA, Veidekke becomes the new main owner of BRA. BRA continues to act as an independent company and at the same time benefits from the large scale and the increased competitiveness that is gained by being a part of a larger group. Completion is made after approval by the Competition Authority's approval.

    Delphi Law Firm has represented all the sellers of BRA in the transaction. Delphi's team consisted mainly of Anders Hulegårdh, Daniel Jessen Winbo, Fredrik Mörner, Anton Melander, Linn Torstensson, Linn Brännborn, Elisabeth Eklund and Karin Roberts.

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