Collaboration with Giving People

Delphi is partnering up with the organization Giving People, which support families with children in need of necessities. Giving People’s vision is that no child in Sweden should live in exclusion or poverty.

Right now, families that need help with the most basic things such as food and clothes for their children is bigger than ever. Giving People sees an increase of over 70 percent compared to the same period last year. The pandemic has hit many single parents hard. Delphi has supported the organization with financial contributions so that, for example, more families can receive food and other necessities.

As we know that it is extra tough for financially vulnerable families during Christmas and the summer holidays, Delphi has organized some extra efforts in connection with these periods in collaboration with Giving People. In our latest summer holiday project, employees at Delphi together collected necessities and went out to families in need with food, clothes, shoes and fun activities for the summer holidays.