Collaboration with Ung Talang

Delphi is a proud partner of the Ung Talang (Young Talent) network, a newly launched project for high school students from at-risk areas. The aim is to inspire young people and show different possibilities for further studies.

Initiator is Maria Frithz Warg, Senior Advisor at the Stockholm School of Economics. In the Ung Talang network, the students get to visit various workplaces, to meet and be inspired by people from different professions. They also get an opportunity to learn how to get there themselves.

The students are currently from a high school in a suburb of Stockholm.

“It´s been a longtime dream to be part of something like this. To intercept young students who have the drive and commitment for these opportunities, but perhaps not the best conditions for realising them,” says Maria Frithz Warg.

Inspiration for a new generation of laywers

When the students visited Delphi, our lawyers Hampus Stefansson, Mikaela Andersson and Michaela Hamilton described how it is to work as a lawyer at a law firm.

Fatma is one of the participants in Ung Talang. She had her mind set on becoming a journalist. “But now I’m considering being a lawyer as well!” says Fatma.

Sara, also part of Ung Talang, has already decided that she will become a lawyer. During the networking event, as she gets to browse through a law book for the first time, she wonders a bit frightened if you need to know it by heart.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet so many educated professionals and get an insight of what you really do as a lawyer,” says Sara.

“Hopefully this project will continue to grow, with more companies and industries, and we will be able to show students a wide range of professions and opportunities. It is well worth remembering how important it is with inspiration and role models for all, especially for young people,” Maria Frithz Warg concludes.