Coronavirus | Covid-19

How does the coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, affect your business?

The coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, is having a large impact on all of us. As with many other things, the coronavirus and its consequences have legal aspects. On this site, we have compiled all the material we publish about the coronavirus and the page is updated continuously.

Delphi has established a task force team and we do our best to disseminate information on important issues. As the disruption caused by Covid-19 continues to evolve, our priority is to promote the health and safety of our colleagues and communities, while at the same time continue to provide world-class client service. In response to requests from many clients seeking information about how Covid-19 may affect their businesses and what steps they should be taking to develop plans and strategies, we have a dedicated Covid-19 task force to help with any of your questions during this time, and we are available as always to assist with any issues you may face. In addition to the specific advice you can get from our experts, we also provide backup services to facilitate the client’s crisis planning in case key people who are lawyers become ill.

In these challenging times, Delphi continues to focus on providing our customers with the highest possible level of service. We have implemented our own crisis plan to protect our business both in relation to employees and support functions such as IT – all to be able to provide our advice without any disruption.

We wish all our clients, partners and other friends a good health and that we will soon have a warm and corona-free summer.

We are proud to be the Swedish contribution to WSG’s global corona task force. Read more here.