Delphi Academy

Prepares you for the future.

As an employee at Delphi, you are our top-priority. It is our people who enable us to provide first-class advice to our clients.

In order for us to do so, continuous education and development is required. Particularly in the light of the rapid business, legal and technical development. We have developed a tailor-made training program for our employees, that we continuously evaluate to assure that we are keeping up with the rapid developments in our world.

Our training program is designed to assure our employees legal expertise, business understanding and leadership. Integrating a good leadership into the culture is important, that our managers also are good leaders is a necessity for us to be a sustainable workplace.

Apart from Delphi Academy we also provide e.g.:

  • Secondment
  • External networking programs
  • Sponsor and mentorship programs
  • Individually tailored training programs
  • Delphi Young Business Forum
  • 360 evaluations with continuous coaching