Equality & diversity

Equality is top priority.

At Delphi, we have been working actively on gender equality and diversity issues for many years. The aim is to create a sustainable and attractive workplace for all colleagues today and in the future.

Equality is more than an obvious issue of fairness, it is a necessity for us as well as for our clients to be successful. It comes natural to us to participate and push various initiatives to increase diversity in the legal profession as well as amongst applicants for law courses, which we believe will contribute to a more diversified workplace in the long run.

We strive for as equal gender distribution as possible in our various work areas and work groups. Regardless of gender definition, all have the same prerequisites for the different tasks that exist at Delphi. And any irrelevant considerations should therefore not be taken into account in internal and external recruitment, promotions, application of employment conditions, skills development or setting salaries. No one should experience that their gender in any way affects their opportunities for advancement at Delphi. All employees should experience that work efforts are valued fairly and independently of gender.

Lead as we learn

Delphi makes large investments in leadership and education. The aim is to continuously build a climate where inclusion, equality and gender equality are important elements. In addition to our regular training programs, we continuously have workshops and courses for our employees to increase our internal competence on gender equality, discrimination and harassment. We also have compulsory feedback courses for all lawyers as well as an equality course when introducing new employees.

At Delphi, we firmly believe that all our employees should have a healthy balance between working life, family life and leisure time. And we make it easy for our employees to combine their work with parenting. We secure this by offering flexible working hours, the opportunity to work from home, providing individual flexibility. We also strive to have well scheduled times for meetings, we adapt projects and clients to employees in certain phases (for example toddler years) and we always strive for an inclusive approach with clear communication so that everyone is onboard with what is happening and why different requirements for deadline et cetera exist.

Focus on results

Each year we set aside a budget for our gender equality work and we have a group that continuously develops and follows up on these important issues. We measure and analyze statistics regarding gender distribution in various professions, managerial representation, use of parental leave, care of sick children and absence to detect any patterns or distortions – so that we can always improve.

We believe that the gender equality issue must be pursued both at individual law firms and at the industry level to achieve optimal impact within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the work risks stagnation and this is as negative for us as a firm, as for our industry. This is why we collaborate with our industry colleagues and keep the discussion going in a number of forums.

New approaches

Delphi strives for diversity among its employees and for the workplace to reflect the multicultural society of Sweden. For us, it goes without saying that diversity not only enriches and creates development opportunities for our business, but also gives us competitive advantages and a more innovative and open working climate. This means, among other things, to be open, understand and value different individual’s skills and differences. Diversity also improves the way we can help our clients, using different perspectives and insights, but also through employees’ language skills and cultural understanding.