Collaboration with Humanium Metal

Delphi is a proud partner of Humanium Metal by IM, to contribute to the development of peaceful communities. Humanium Metal is an initiative where seized illegal weapons are melted and transformed into new raw material. The revenue goes back to communities that are severely affected by armed violence. Sustainable development begins with peaceful communities.

The Swedish aid for Individual Human Relief, IM, works for a world without poverty and exclusion, where everyone enjoys their human rights and power over their own lives. IM  works to strengthen vulnerable people so that they can change their situation.

Weapon-related violence is a global problem and it hits developing countries hard. In the fall of 2016, IM launched the project Humanium Metal by IM, with the aim of reducing gun violence worldwide and building more peaceful societies in countries affected by violence.

Seized weapons are melted down

Illegal wepons are transformed into the new raw material called Humanium Metal. In Central America seized weapons are melted down under the supervision of local authorities. The new raw material is then refined and made available for mass production of peaceful utility items like watches and art. The profits goes to IM’s development work in violence-affected countries.

The process of melting the weapons and the use of the metal requires legal expertise, which Delphi offers IM through our cooperation. Delphi’s employees will in turn be given the opportunity to make a difference by volunteer work in various IM projects in Sweden.