Collaboration with NU: Nolla utanförskapet

Delphi is partnering up with NU: Nolla utanförskapet, an organization that arranges homework workshops at selected companies. The workshops aim to help students from at-risk areas or vulnerable home environments.

At the workshops, students in grade 9 and senior high school get to visit companies to do homework with the company’s colleagues. They gain insights into different industries and environments. The workshops enable a first step into working life and can create positive spirals as they establish themselves in the labour market.

Hands-on efforts are important for the integration of young people from at-risk areas. The workshops increase the student’s knowledge and provide inspiration for further education and work-related contacts. Companies also get the chance to come into direct contact with potential future co-workers.

Sanna Wolk is a law professor and also an initiator and one of the founders of NU.

“All students involved in the project have raised their grades and increased their social skills. They have also gotten a softer attitude compared to earlier. In the suburbs you may have to play tough, but with this project their courage to show other sides grows. And they become more open and curious,” says Sanna Wolk.

A commitment that pays off

As a participating company, you commit to cooperation for at least one year. And at Delphi, the homework workshops have become very popular, both among the students and Delphi’s co-workers. The participants are selected through individual interviews, and the aim is to work with the same group of students for four years. The most important criteria for a student to participate in the project are their own drive and commitment.

“We want to act as a motivator and create opportunities for higher education. And we hope to inspire young people to become lawyers. We definitely need diversity in the law industry,“ says David Aversten, Partner at Delphi.