Don’t let corruption become a business interruption.

Sweden, as well as many other countries, has strengthened its anti-corruption legislation in recent years. At times it can be challenging to determine if an action is permitted or prohibited, and at the same time the consequences for making a mistake can be costly.

On the other hand, companies who act in an ethical manner have much to gain. It is therefore crucial for the board and the management, as well as the employees, to have sufficient knowledge of the anti-corruption rules. We help our clients to interpret and comply with applicable laws. We assist our clients by providing risk analysis, investigating suspicions, and we also work with prevention by providing training and help in preparing anti-corruption policies.

At Delphi we have considerable experience of the anti-corruption rules and the application of the “Code on Gifts, Rewards and other Benefits” (issued by the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute) and applicable guidelines for different industries. We review possible gifts, events, sales competitions, collaborations with agents and third parties, as well as contractual obligations.

It is becoming increasingly common to demand an anti-corruption policy from e.g. owners. We assist our clients in providing guidelines for the company as well as for its distributors. The drafting of a policy is an opportunity for the company to review what is considered to constitute ethical behaviour. The policy can even be more restrictive than what the law and industry regulations require. In some cases, preventive measures are necessary to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

We assist our clients with risk assessments. Risk assessments have to be adapted with regard to inter alia the countries and specific industries that the company is active in, if sales are made through public procurement, if the company collaborates with third parties etc. It can be important to evaluate the routines for reporting possible irregularities. We can assist with setting up a system for whistle-blowers.

We assist our clients in situations where a certain action is questioned from a legal or ethical perspective. Furthermore, we conduct anti-corruption due diligence in connection with mergers, acquisitions and investments.

Preventive measures are important, and we help our clients by providing training and workshops for the board, management and staff.

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Elisabeth Eklund

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Elisabeth Eklund