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Social Responsibility

This is a broad area which covers many aspects and therefore also covers many different activities. What they have in common is that they involve and affect people.

Regardless of whether it is our own employees, potential colleagues or people in other parts of the world that are in need of help and support. In other words, it’s about everything in our business, our society and our world. Our ambition is to make contributions that will help create sustainability and help society to develop positively within these areas. Our current work within the field of social responsibility includes the following activities and areas.


Our employees are our most valuable resource. In order for them to do a good job, it is just as much about competence as it is about feeling well. Therefore, it is important for us as an employer to do everything we can in order for us to be able to help our employees to achieve a balance in life, whatever position they have within the company. Our ambition is to be the most attractive workplace within our business. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to ensure that our employees are well-being and comfortable while they provide the very best work to our clients and that we continue to be one of the leading law firms in Sweden.

  • We encourage and contribute to physical activity.
  • We create individual parental leave.
  • We provide personal mentors in order to support and coach.
  • We provide opportunities for personal development and meaningful tasks.
  • We provide personal responsibility and the ability to have influence on the situation and the workplace.

Equality and Diversity

In order for us to care for our employees and to create the most attractive workplace within the business is to have an ambition for equality and diversity within our organisation. For us there is no question that everyone should be treated equal regardless of gender, age, origin, religion or sexual orientation. And equally obvious is that this applies on all levels, in regard to rights, opportunities, development and salary. Just as with the other areas, we believe this is an on-going project and we constantly have the ambition to improve and take responsibility for a more equal and diverse society.

  • Equality is one of the parameters we take into account when recruiting.
  • Our ambition is to have equality in all the positions and levels within the company.
  • Development and salary are based solely on competence and bear no relation to gender or other distinctive parameters.
  • All employees, regardless of position or level, have an individual development plan and a personal mentor.
  • Diversity is one of the parameters we take into account when recruiting.


Society for us means people outside our own company. This includes students, potential employees, researchers, cultural activities, children and people who are experiencing difficulties and are particularly vulnerable. Our activities within this area involve supporting various types of activities financially. And also contribute with our expertise and services. What they have in common is that they are based on a personal commitment and a desire to contribute and influence. In addition to helping others, this also has the positive effect of creating great commitment and motivation for our employees and that we are a part of this together.

We work pro bono for: Doctors without borders, Make a kid smile.

Activities we support include: NU: Nolla Utanförskapet, Handelshögskolan i Stockholms projekt RAMP, Stockholms handelskammare, Stockholms Stadsmission, Göteborgs Stadsmission, Noll tolerans mot mobbning, Tillväxt Malmö, UNHCR och Humanium Metal by IM.