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Delphi continues to be certified as a Great Place to Work®

For the fourth consecutive year, Delphi has been certified as a very good workplace according to the Great Place to Work international standard. In the overall result, 91 percent of the employees believe that Delphi is a very good place to work at.

Today, Delphi’s Great Place to Work certification was renewed, which is based on an extensive survey where employees can evaluate Delphi as a workplace and answer questions about the company’s workplace environment and organizational culture. Great Place to Work is the most used employee survey in the world, and once again Delphi gets high results. In the firm’s overall results, 91 percent of the employees believe that Delphi is overall a very good place to work at – which is the highest percentage the firm has received since they started doing the surveys.

Delphi also gets high results in several other categories, for example:

1. Employees are treated equally regardless of sexual orientation 99%
2. Our customers would give us the highest rating 97%
3. When you start working here you are warmly welcomed 95%
4. I am proud to tell others where I work 94%
5. Employees care about each other 92%

– It is great that we have once again been certified as a very good workplace. It’s also extra fun that we got even higher ratings than last year. This means that our efforts make a difference. That our employees enjoy working at Delphi is not only a factor that makes it fun to go to work – it is also completely crucial for our business. Our employees are always our priority because they are the ones who enable us to deliver high-quality advice to our clients, says Stefan Erhag, Executive Partner at Delphi.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work is a global research company that has more than 30 years of experience in what characterizes a really good workplace and what makes it one of the very best. To become a certified company, it is important to live up to high demands on what a good workplace should be like. It is not enough that employees are happy, it is also required that there is a high degree of fairness, respect, pride and fellowship in the organization and that the management inspires, informs, shows appreciation and consideration and develops their employees. Read more about Great Place to Work here.