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Delphi advisor to AddLife in the acquisition of Biomedica

Delphi has assisted AddLife AB in the acquisition of Austrian Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH (“Biomedica”). Biomedica is the parent company of a group that operates in 13 countries across Europe and has approximately 280 employees. Biomedica supplies, like AddLife, products and services in laboratory engineering and medical technology to mainly publicly funded healthcare. Through the acquisition of Biomedica, AddLife establishes a strong base in Europe and extends its geographic market from a population of about 32 million people to about 164 million people.

Delphi has been lead counsel in the acquisition and cooperated with the law firm Schönherr in Austria.

Delphi’s team consisted of Mats Dahlberg as responsible partner, Glenn Nyström, Matilda Karlsson, Emil Blomqvist, Christoffer Malmström, Johanna Liljegren and Fredrik Nykvist.