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Delphi gets top ranking in Law Firm of the Year

Delphi ranks at the top in the Law Firm of the Year for the fourth consecutive year, an award where the clients’ views on client/firm collaboration determines who wins.

Delphi’s clients have for many years valued the firm in Regi’s survey, where customer satisfaction is measured among Sweden’s law firms specialized in business law. Prizes are awarded in five categories. Delphi placed second in both Law Firm of the Year 200+ MKR, and the Large Client Prize.

“First and foremost, we want to thank our clients. We have received many great reviews from the study over the years. And we continuously learn how we can develop our client collaboration and our offering. The foundation of our firm´s DNA is long-term and goal-driven work with client satisfaction ­–responsiveness and a genuine interest in the client’s specific situation,” says David Aversten, Executive partner at Delphi.

“The study shows that Delphi gets the highest score among large law firms regarding the level of digitization. Several new digital tools have been integrated into the business, and in 2019 our clients will be able to take advantage of these even more,” David promises.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a continued focus in 2019. Long-term work on gender equality and increased diversity is supplemented by investments in, for example, Nolla utanförskapet, RAMP and Ung Talang. During the year, Delphi will invest more in education, leadership and strategic recruitment.

“We are constantly developing our areas of expertise based on our clients’ needs. To be a progressive partner and strategic advisor with legal competence, new thinking and good leadership is a must. Delphi invest heavily in an inclusive culture with excellent teamwork. We embrace change and new ideas are welcomed with enthusiasm,” says David Aversten.