Mats Dahlberg

Mats Dahlberg

Stockholm | Partner / Advokat

Mobile phone: +46 709 25 25 94


Language: English

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Mats Dahlberg is responsible for the business area Transactions and focuses on capital-markets, M&A and alternative investments. Mats has been involved in a large number of capital market transactions such as IPOs, public take-overs, rights issues, accelerated book buildings, private placements, spin-offs, MTN programs and incentive programs, and represents a number of major institutional investors within alternative investments on an ongoing basis.

Notable assignments:

• Advisor in a significant number of domestic and cross boarder IPOs including the listing of AddLife, Olink (US listing), Momentum Group, Pagero, Exsitec, Mendus and others
• Advisor in several public spin-offs and separate listings including AddLife’s separation from Addtech, Momentum Group’s separation from Bergman & Beving and Momentum Group’s separation from Alligo
• Advised in a significant number of domestic and cross boarder private M&A transactions for listed companies including several acquisitions for AddLife, several acquisitions for Momentum Group, acquisitions for Infineon Technologies, several acquisitions for Lyko and several acquisitions for Netmore Group
• Advisor in several public takeover bids, including advisor to Momentum Group in connection with its public offer for Swedol and advisor to Cherry in connection with the public offer from Bridgepoint
• Advised in connection with public carve-outs and mergers, including the merger between the listed companies Hamlet Pharma and SelectImmune Pharma, the merger between Mendus and DC Prime and the carve-out and sale of Binero’s web hosting business
• Advisor in a significant number of public capital raisings (including rights issues, directed issues and ABB’s) for several listed companies including NIBE, AddLife, Rejlers, Mendus and others
MTN programmes for Södra Skogsägarna and Akelius Fastigheter, among others
• Represented several major institutional state and private investors in foreign and Swedish alternative investments and pre-IPO investments, including AP4 and LRF