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For the third time in a row: The lawyer most business lawyers would hire

Agnes Hammarstrand is once again voted the lawyer most other business lawyers would hire in a business law case. This was stated in the latest edition of the survey “Advokaternas advokat” (Lawyers’ Lawyer).

The survey is conducted among Sweden’s lawyers who get to vote on who they would prefer to hire in a business law case. This year, a total of 1,115 lawyers participated, half specializing in criminal and other human law, half in business law. Agnes Hammarstrand has previously received the honorary award “Advokaternas advokat” twice – the last two times the survey was performed. In this year’s edition, she once again ranks high in the top tier on a shared second place – but in terms of only the business lawyers’ votes, she is still the one most of them would hire.

– I am not surprised at all that Agnes is the lawyer most business lawyers would hire. That is what I would do too. Agnes is a very competent and driven lawyer and an inspiring colleague. She is a bright star in the legal industry and Delphi is proud to have her as a Partner, says Stefan Erhag, Executive Partner at Delphi.

Agnes Hammarstrand is specialized in IT and digital law and leads the group focused on tech and intellectual property in Gothenburg. She has received several prestigious awards from international ranking institutes and, in addition to “Advokaternas advokat” 2018 and 2019, she has also been appointed to “Årets Justitia” (Justitia of the Year) 2019 for her work towards gender equality in the legal industry.

Why do you think you receive this trust year after year?
– It is of course an honor and it is because I have such great colleagues. I have a whole team of talented and driven lawyers – this top ranking is also theirs. We are a fantastic team, says Agnes Hammarstrand.

What distinguishes the team?
– Everyone is very committed and professional and is always up to date in their fields. Clients notice those things. We put a lot of energy into exchanging knowledge and experiences with each other.

But the question is, who would the business lawyers’ lawyer hire in a business law case?
– It depends on the case. I can’t pick only one person. I would hire someone who works as a specialist and knows their field – for example, someone who disputes full-time in a dispute, someone who works full-time in a transaction and someone who knows labour law if I have questions about employees, concludes Agnes Hammarstrand.