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Delphi assists BRA AB

In 2014 BRA acquired the island Knarrholmen in the archipelago of Gothenburg. On the island there were some simpler settlements and the island lacked municipal water and sewage.


The island is free of cars and is purely for recreation. BRA has been conducting development work which means that the island has been upgraded and developed with new holiday accommodations of high standard, new bridges, municipal water and sewage as well as the facilities needed to facilitate a comfortable holiday accommodation. A housing association has been established for stage two. During the summer of 2016, the buyers of the condominiums of stage two will access their housings which contains of small houses on the cliffs and studios. Total value of the phase two project is SEK 329 000 000. Right now there is an ongoing zooning work regarding stage three which mainly concerns additional holiday homes, a new restaurant and a port.

PWC have been responsible for taxation issues through mainly Morgan Furby and Henrik Antonsson.

BBC has assisted in the formation of the housing association and related issues through Oscar Taube.

Delphi has been acting as legal counsel in the project. The team has been led by Anders Hulegårdh and consisted mainly of Per Håkansson, Anton Melander and Anna Schönning.