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Export restrictions outside the EU of certain Medical and Personal Protective Equipment

The Commission has on 15 March 2020, imposed restrictions on the export outside the EU of certain medical protective equipment deemed necessary to prevent the further spreading of the Coronavirus and safeguard the health of medical staff during a six week long period.

The restriction covers the following equipment:

  • Protective spectacles and visors
  • Face shields
  • Mouth-nose-protection equipment
  • Protective garments
  • Gloves

In order to export such equipment to non-member states, the exporter is required to acquire an export authorization from the competent authority where the exporter is established. Exports without authorizations are prohibited. The competent authority in Sweden is the National Board of Trade Sweden (Kommerskollegium). The application process for export authorisations shall not exceed 5 working days. In deciding whether to grant an export authorization, the authority shall consider inter alia whether the export is to be used to support coordination support actions by the EU or the WHO.

The situation is changing fast, and the Commission has made efforts to encourage the launch of production of protective products within the EU. We monitor the turn of events closely and it should not be ruled out that the Commission adopts additional measures.

This article is written by Elisabeth Eklund och Henric Gustafsson.

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