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Delphi advisor to Nordr in the acquisition of Folkhem from Rikshem

Delphi has assisted Nordr in the acquisition of Rikshem’s shares in Folkhem. Nordr and Rikshem have jointly owned Folkhem since 2017, when Veidekke Bostad purchased half of the shares in the joint venture company Boostad bostad.

Nordr, a leading housing developer in the Nordic region, is renowned for its strong sustainability profile. This acquisition marks a significant step for Nordr, improving it toward becoming a leader in the sustainable development of wooden apartment buildings.

Folkhem holds more than 1,600 building rights in Stockholm, Sundbyberg, and Uppsala, planned for implementation in the coming years. For over a decade, Folkhem has exclusively built with wood, establishing itself as an expert and leader in large wooden house projects in the Stockholm region. Their flagship project, Cederhusen, located in Hagastaden, has 245 solid wood homes, making it one of the world’s largest of its kind. Cederhusen has received the Swedish awards Årets Bygge 2022 and Årets Stockholmsbyggnad 2023, but has also gained significant international attention.

The details of this deal are under inspection by the Swedish Competition Authority, with an announcement expected later this month, in October.

Delphi’s team consisted of Caroline Söderberg, Berndt Pettersson, Dahae Roland, Helene Andersson and Felix Makarowski.