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Delphi advisor to Rantalainen and Norvestor in the acquisition of Klara Consulting

Rantalainen Group has acquired all outstanding shares in Klara Consulting Holding AB. Klara Consulting is one of the largest accounting and payroll services providers in Sweden, with approx. SEK 310 million in revenue and approx. 300 employees. The sellers include private equity firm Ceder Capital and fifty key employees, who will all continue as minority shareholders in the combined group. Klara Consulting will continue to operate under its own name in Sweden.

With a combined turnover of approx. SEK 400 million in Sweden, Rantalainen Group is now one of the five largest players in the market. Rantalainen is owned by funds managed by Norvestor, management, Ceder Capital and other key employees.

Delphi advises Rantalainen Group and Norvestor with a team consisting primarily of Michael Juhlin, Glenn Nyström, Helene Andersson, Johan Hübner, Ellioth Lodenius, Fredrik Nykvist, Ida Nordmark and Olivia Svedmark.