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Delphi advisor to Binero Group AB (publ) in acquisition

Delphi has advised Binero Group AB (publ) in connection with the acquisition of all shares in Infrateq Group Holding AB. The acquisition has been paid through an issue in kind of 82,477,093 shares in Binero Group AB (publ) to the sellers of Infrateq Group Holding AB, corresponding to approximately SEK 220 million (based on the closing price of Binero’s shares on February 1, 2024.) and 70 per cent of the total number of shares in Binero Group AB (publ) on a fully diluted basis.

Binero Group AB (publ) offer companies and organisations in the Nordic region a Swedish cloud service, operation of kubernetes and consultants within system development and technology. The acquisition of Infrateq Group Holding AB, a company which offers project management of technical network solutions, and distribution of media services through a digital platform in the Nordic region to companies and organizations, creates an opportunity to grow a stronger customer base and a wider product portfolio of technical services. Infrateq Group Holding AB had an adjusted turnover of approximately SEK 321 million in 2022.

Delphi’s team mainly consisted of Mats Dahlberg, Jessica Björklund, Ellioth Lodenius, Ida Nordmark, Agnes Wall, Olivia Svedmark, Erik Ålander and Carl Dahlgren.