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Delphi advisor to founder of Adamo in connection with sale of the company – again

Delphi has assisted the founder of the broadband company Adamo in connection with the venture capital company EQT’s sale of the company.

When Adamo was founded in 2004, the company offered broadband services on the Swedish market. In 2008, Adamo sold the Swedish business to Bredband2 and focused on the Spanish market. In 2016, the venture capital company EQT bought the majority stake in Adamo and the founders reinvested in the company, and Fredrik Gillström remained as CEO and later on M&A director. Today, Adamo connects almost 2 million Spanish homes with its own infrastructure. When EQT now sells the company to Ardian Infrastructure, the founder Fredrik Gillström is once again involved in the sale.

Delphi’s partner Johan Hübner has assisted the founder Fredrik Gillström in connection with both transactions and also during the time Adamo was active on the Swedish market.