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The EU Agrees to Ban Products Made with Forced Labour

Following a European Commission proposal in 2022 for a regulation banning products made with forced labour, the EU legislators reached an agreement on 4 March 2024 to adopt a regulation that will ban such products from the EU (the “Regulation”). According to the International Labour Organization, ne...

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The Commission and National Competition Authorities Continue their Scrutiny of the Pharma Sector – the Commission’s Report Regarding the Enforcement in 2018-2022 just Published

On 26 January 2024, the European Commission (the “Commission”) published a report, providing an overview of the enforcement of the EU competition rules by the Commission and the National Competition Authorities (“NCA”) in the pharmaceutical sector during the period 2018 – 2022. The scrutiny of...

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The Commission Proposes to Harmonize Foreign Direct Investments into the EU, to Regulate Outbound Investments and to Further Regulate the Exports and R&D of Dual-use Products

In response to escalating geopolitical tensions and revolutionary technological changes, the European Commission (the “Commission”) has recently introduced a set of initiatives to enhance the economic security of the European Union (the “EU”). These measures which includes a new regulation as well a...

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