"The lawyers had a deep knowledge of our core business, were customer-oriented and offered a broad competence over many areas."*

Delphi has one of the largest and most experienced outsourcing teams in Sweden. In outsourcing, both the service and the contracts are complex. The services are often critical to the business. The contracts run for long periods, meaning that flexibility and predictability are central issues. At the same time, there are great advantages to be gained in terms of price, competence and, as mentioned, flexibility.

We know that sourcing projects require expertise in several different legal areas as well as a commercial focus. That is why Delphi has brought different legal competencies and experience into one specialist group and is the only Swedish law firm to have done so. We have extensive experience of various forms of sourcing projects, traditional IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing and innovative multi-sourcing arrangements based on off shoring or near shoring and cloud computing for example. In the last five years, Delphi has participated in over one hundred outsourcing projects.

The results of our investment in outsourcing are clear. Delphi has assisted clients on some of the largest and most complex sourcing projects in the Nordic region, and is top ranked in IT and outsourcing by the most important ranking institutes.

*Chambers and Partners, client reference.

quoteThey are skilled in explaining legal issues to commercial audiences and understand the challengers we face.

-Chambers and Partners

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