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Delphi’s practice group for commercial contract law assists our clients in making better, safer and sharper business. Within this area we generally serve as the client’s adviser even in matters not strictly legal. We are the client’s sounding board in strategic and commercial considerations of importance to the legal agreement.

An important field within the group is trade- and distribution issues. The choice of sales method affects everything from pricing, manufacturing processes and logistics questions to the strictly legal considerations. Sales are made in many ways; either through direct sales to retailers or indirectly as in the fashion industry where many companies sell their products through agents. Regardless, the legal issues with respect to trade and distribution are often very complex. Particularly since sales are often made across national boundaries, with the implication that you must also consider potential differences in everything from contract law to consumer legislation. In addition, competition law is of importance. This is precisely why we have a group of lawyers who on a daily basis assist our clients within a variety of industries in matters regarding trade and distribution. We always advocate the importance of investing time in establishing a commercially viable agreement where consideration is made to what risks the company is willing to take; instead of using templates on a routine basis and risk ending up in extensive disputes or losing business due to the agreement being designed entirely to the other party's benefit.

*Chambers and Partners, client reference.

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